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Live Music 

As well as regular sports and social activities taking place at the club, which you can find out about on our Activities page, we host live bands every Saturday night in the Members bar.  On Bank Holidays and other special occasions we sometimes host more than one band over a long weekend and have two different bands playing on two floors at our New Years Eve party, so you are sure to find something you like the sound of! It's always a great atmosphere and there's going to be a band on our schedule that will suit your musical taste!

The bands booked to play at the club are listed below and clicking on the band name takes you to their website or Facebook page so you can find out more about them, their music style and if it suits your taste too! If you'd like more information on any of the artists/bands we feature, or suggestions for new ones to appear at the club, then please contact us.

This Saturdays Band

Saturday October 23rd at 9.00PM we play host to The 5:15's, a young band full of energy and enthusiasm playing Mod revival, New Wave and Northern Soul. You can find out more about them at their Facebook page here. Non-members are welcome, tickets on the door are just £3.

Upcoming Bands
The bands listed below are booked to play on the date and time shown. If they have a web or Facebook page clicking their name will take you to it so you can find out what they are all about, we hope you enjoy the show!

October 23rd @ 9.00PM The 5.15's
October 30th @ 9.00PM Diamond Geezers
November 6th @ 9.00PM Stargazer
November 13th @ 9.00PM Stone Faced Wellers
November 20th @ 9.00PM Bottled Blondie
November 27th @ 9.00PM Diamond Geezers
December 4th @ 9.00PM Horse With No Name
December 11th @ 9.00PM Daddy Long Legs
December 18th @ 9.00PM Ashes to Ashes
December 26th @ 8.00PM Diamond Geezers