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If you live anywhere near Plymouth you will of no doubt heard about award winning chef Nick Kittles' Domea Favour Chocolate, selling the best hand made chocolates from his premises in the Royal William Yard.








Nick and his team are now our catering partners and, alongside his chocolate empire, Nick has returned to his roots to cook the best, locally sourced, fresh food for club evenings and events. Unlike previous caterers we have worked with Nick will not be at the club all day every day to cook one-off meals to order, however he will be cooking on these occasions:

  • Club nights (i.e. sports events, Bingo evenings, Saturday evenings prior to the live music starting)

  • Catering for events held in either our upper or lower lounges i.e. weddings, birthdays etc

  • Sunday roast dinners from 12.00PM to 3.00PM (more below)

  • Ad-hoc special taster evenings (i.e. Fish Fridays) which will be announced well in advance on our Facebook account and website

Nick has vast experience of high quality, large event catering so if you have booked your event in one of our lounges and would like that event catered for the best option is to make direct contact with Nick to discuss your food requirements, menu choices, budget etc. Although Nick is working from our premises and kitchens he is a contractor you will hire, so you will be required to deal directly with him to arrange and pay for your catering. 

Sunday Lunch Menu

Sunday lunches are served at HPSC with Domea Favour Catering between 12.00PM and 3.00PM.
Bookings would be preferred so visit the club and fill in the Sunday Lunch diary or contact the club on 01752 662947 or Nick directly to book your table. You can find the menu here. All food is fresh, local produce cooked to order so book your table now!

You can contact Nick directly on 07375268547 or


You can find Nicks current menus below, however for the finger buffet menu if there is something you would especially like to be included just talk to Nick to discuss this further, he is very flexible on menu choices, so don't worry if what you want is not currently there!


The Domea Favour Bar menu is available here

The Domea Favour Finger Buffet menu is available here

The Domea Favour Sunday Lunch menu is available here

As mentioned above, please contact Nick if you have any questions about his catering services and he will be happy to help and advise.

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